Extended Media

Course Instructor: Kate Long Hodges

Special Thanks to the University of Arizona for Student Interaction Grant Funding

Each University of Arizona student in this book makes sculpture to be worn on their own body. Their walking, kinetic, or motionless human form becomes the external landscape to explore their body as architecture, a metaphor for shelter, tent, fortress, palace, shanty, ghetto, bridge, foundation. The sculptural form inhabits the body through a wide range of materials including reclaimed-found objects, textile, glass, plasma-cut steel, and stitched paper, investigating internal landscapes of the self. The following pages share each student’s presentation of their work as performance at The Land with No Name Sanctuary for Homeless Sculpture, an alternative art space for people to engage in art and land. This environment provides an opportunity for students to step out of the classroom into a space of freedom. Self-expression comes to life in this large-scale scheme of mountain, sky, and place.