Expect Nothing is Going to Change


Expecting Nothing is Going to Change consists of an 8’x16’ billboard made with untreated wood aesthetically located in a sublime landscape. The billboard has been painted on site in an impressionist manner, utilizing found material from the ground as mixed with house paints and acrylic mediums. The view is hidden from the painting, but the painting itself creates a presence that draws us deeply into the view. Sky and earth are integrated into the work, honoring the strong sense of place, history, and timelessness. No effort will be made to preserve the installation, its decay until full erosion will be documented over time. 


Dubois-Cherrier’s work is generally enriched with philosophical references that question human nature and its fatal attraction for dehumanizing systems. His recent works explore a wide range of material: including watercolors and paintings mixing sand and mediums, video art, land art practices, and sculptures that examine opposing manmade and natural materials. Through this work, he intends to understand how the concept of time given by our clocks is pulling us away from our individual experience of durability, becoming more and more omnipresent in modern civilizations. 

Olivier Dubois-Cherrier


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