Our Vision

The Land With No Name Sanctuary is a place to create an alternative art space that promotes not only a habitat for sculpture but also a place for people to gather and engage in various art experiences.  The Land With No Name is a place to connect with art and to make art.  For example, this can be done through small artist residencies, individual retreats, and small group workshops.  It is a very intimate space, not for 100 people at a time, or even 50.   Primarily, it is for individual experiences and groups of less than 12.  These may include over night trips and day trips.  Hopefully within one year, we will have 4 or 5 shelters on site, with people working on their own artistic endeavors.   Another aspect is the people who participate through observation, financial support, and time invested.  It offers a unique experience for them as they venture out and discover art in the environment.  It is different than going to a gallery, or going to a museum, or even an art collector’s house.  For example, you may encounter rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and the occasional Gila monster.  There are many sculpture parks, but this is a smaller more intimate setting where people actually engage with sculpture and space.  People who venture out To The Land With No Name are participants and not visitors.  They contribute to the land in their being there, and in doing so, are co-creators in their experience.  Most places aren’t built on this premise.  As people are able to feel that, they are not only contributing to the place, but they are taking a bit of it with them, and leaving a part of themselves.  It is an interaction, a transaction. 

 The Land With No Name is about Engagement. You have to find the sculptures, it is part of the hunt, it is part of the exploration, and the discovery.  It is not a sculpture garden where the sculpture is screaming at you from a hill five miles away.  You are not only getting to know the art, but the artist, the environment, and the relationship between the sculptures to one and other. 

What We Do

Art Classes and Workshops


The Land With No Name Sanctuary brings a deep respect for this special high mountain desert place and its art. We are interested in supporting people who form a connection to the land and art here. We encourage people to make art and build their own unique relationship to the land, through their creative process and presence.


Workshops and Classes are provided for college level students. Class size ranges from 5-25 students.  To register for our upcoming workshops please click here!

Gathering Space for the Community


We host community gatherings for the purpose of bringing people together. We provide opportunities for people to engage and explore the land and art here for the purpose of enjoyment, learning, and self-reflection. Gathering space has been provided for local community members, families, local artists, non-artists, teachers, students, retirees, as well as visiting individuals from different parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Korea.  To view our photographs click here!

Guided Sculpture Tours


The Land With No Name Sanctuary  is a 25-acre high desert grassland environment dedicated to providing guided sculpture tours. Founder, Ted Wade Springer, leads tours with his partner, Kate Long Hodges. Thirty sculptures created by international and local artists have been placed on these 25 acres along walking trails for public viewing and educational purposes.  To register for our upcoming sculpture tour please click here!

Artist in Residence Programs for Visual Artists and Writers


This Residency Program has provided opportunities for artists to work, build, and develop their art objects, concepts, and experiences in an outdoor environment. Selected artists receive a small financial stipend to support their creative process. For more information please click here!

Press Coverage

Arizona Illustrated: The Land With No Name


Arizona Illustrated interview

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KOLD The Land With No Name


Tucked away in the middle of a desert near Tucson is The Land with No Name: Sanctuary for Homeless Sculpture.

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The Directors

Ted Wade Springer


Ted grew up in Hopedale, Illinois on a farm raising corn, beans, and hogs.  He moved to Tucson Arizona and received his Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture. Ted’s work incorporates readily accessible materials including but not limited to steel, concrete, and wood. Often the materials have had a previous life as a building material.  He presently commutes back and forth from Tucson to Brooklyn, working in New York for Sculptor Ursula Von Rydingsvard.  She creates large-scale sculpture made from long cedar beams that are cut, carved, and laminated. Ursula refers to Ted as her most “lyrical” cutter, and to see them in action you can watch the PBS series Art21 to see the interesting process in building these sculptures. Ted’s focus in Tucson is the 25 acres of land that he’s purchasing with Kate Long Hodges in the high desert near the Mexican border, a beautiful quiet place that he continues to share with others.  He calls it, “The Land With No Name, Sanctuary for Homeless Sculpture”. 

Kate Long Hodges


 Kate Long Hodges grew up on an apple orchard in Cornwall Vermont. She taught art to children at orphanages in Brazil and Honduras, and she started her own business called Little Lightning Studios, a mobile art school that serves different populations from teenagers to youth in the Tucson community.  She received her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona in sculpture.  She worked for artist Judy Pfaff as an assistant in New York, helping with large-scale installations, then returned to Arizona to pursue her own artwork and art teaching to all ages. She is co-director of The Land With No Name, Sanctuary For Homeless Sculpture, a twenty-five acre plot of wild desert that she and her companion Ted Wade Springer have been directing for 12 years.